China busts oil-smuggling network, detawho designed disney worldins 38 suspects

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NANJING -- Customs authorities in East China"s Jiangsu province have busted a major network involved in smuggling more than 100,000 tonnes of fuel.

Nanjing customs reported Monday that the smuggling network involving two groups had been operating in areas such as Jiangsu, Fujian, and Shanghai since 2017. They owned five ships and sold refined oil smuggled from overseas on the domestic market for profit.

Customs officers raided the groups on July 6, detaining 38 suspects and confiscating more than 2,000 tonnes of smuggled fuel at the site.

Initial investigations showed that the groups had smuggled more than 100,000 tonnes of refined oil valued at 650 million yuan (around $94 million).

Further investigation is underway.

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